Your vehicle’s suspension can affect the way your car, truck or van handles in such a negative way as to impact your braking system, the wear pattern on your tires and how fast you go through the tread and, in worst cases, cause damage to other undercarriage components when shocks or struts have been worn out or rendered inoperable.

Hoffman Auto & Tire’s comprehensive tech team can help put your vehicle’s suspension on the right track! We first perform our signature suspension inspections and safety checks to diagnose primary and even secondary problems within your undercarriage system. Our technicians will discuss our findings with you and suggest the work that needs to be done to fix the existing problems.

Once completed, you will notice your vehicle will respond better through steering, corners and straightaways, feel better going over bumps and curves in the road and give you a safer, more secure ride overall. Come see why more families trust their suspension care needs to Hoffman Auto & Tire’s auto repair team today!